How to create a new Test

After installing Horreum, creating required roles and users in Keycloak you will start with a blank table of tests:

In the upper right corner click the Login button and fill in the credentials. If you are using the docker-compose for development/sandbox environment, there’s already an user with credentials user/secret you can use.

The table does not change much but on the left side you’ll find a ‘New Test’ button:

All you need to fill in here is the test name. Test names must be unique within Horreum.

When you press the Save button on the bottom several other tabs appear on the top; you can go to Access. The test was created with Private access rights; if you want anonymous users to see your tests you can set it to Public and save the test.

When you’re done you can navigate to Tests in the bar on the top of the screen and see that the test was really created:

The test is there but in the Run Count column you don’t see any runs. Now you can continue with uploading data into Horreum.