Running Horreum using docker-compose

While in production you’ll install Horreum using Openshift operator or use customized installation on bare metal machine, for convenience while trying it out locally we have prepared a Docker-compose script to set up PosgreSQL database, Keycloak and create some example users. Therefore you can simply run

COMPOSE_FILE=$(mktemp horreum-docker-compose.XXXX.yaml)
curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Hyperfoil/Horreum/master/docker-compose.yml \
    -s -o $COMPOSE_FILE
docker-compose -f $COMPOSE_FILE up -d

and after a few moments everything should be up and ready. You can later configure Keycloak on localhost:8180 using credentials admin/secret. The horreum realm already has some roles (dev-team) and single user with credentials user/secret you can use once you start up Horreum. You can learn more about roles in user management docs.

When the required services are up, you can either start the last published image using

docker run -p 8080:8080 quay.io/hyperfoil/horreum:latest

Note: the docker-compose script is also used for development setup, therefore starting Horreum itself is not a part of this script.