Postgres as the datasource to store JSON documents

By default, the datasource is configured to use the postgres database backend.

Data submitted to the Horreum API will be stored in a Postgres database, alongside all the metadata required to query and retrieve the data.

Query results from other datasources will be cached in the same postgres database.


To configure a test to use the postgres backend, you can:

  1. Navigate to a test configuration page, e.g. http://localhost:8080/test/10
  2. Select the Postgres - Default backend from the Datastore dropdown

Postgres Datastore

  1. Click Save

Migrating Data from Other Backends

If you wish to migrate data from one backend store to the postgres backend, you can configure a Test to retrieve the data from the old backend and submit it to the Horreum API.

Once the data has been cached, you can then use the postgres backend as the Test backend and any new data pushed to Horreum will be analyzed alongside the migrated data.