Using Actions to post updates to Slack

Horreum can be configured to post messages to a Slack channel through the slack-channel-message action. Actions can be triggered on various Horreum lifecycle events: see Configure Actions for details.


Before you can configure a Slack action, either globally or for a specific test, you’ll need to create and install a “Slack application” as a bot allowed to post messages to a specific Slack channel.

  1. Create a Slack App. You can do this through the Slack development CLI, or by clicking “Create New App” on the web interface at Slack Apps:

Create Slack App

  1. Open the “OAuth & Permissions” tab and scroll down to the “Scopes” header. Add your scopes by clicking on the “Add an OAuth Scope” button. The Horreum Slack Action requires the channels:join and chat:write scopes:

Set App Scopes

  1. Once you’ve created the app, you’ll need to install it in your Slack workspace. Depending on the workspace, you may need to request approval from a workspace administrator:

Install Slack App

  1. Once installation is complete, Slack will give you a “BotUser OAuth Token”; a long string that should start with “xoxb-”. This token identifies and authenticates your app (in this case, the Horreum server) to Slack, and you’ll need to provide this value to Horreum as the token secret when configuring an Action.

Find App OAuth Token

  1. Now you need to give your app permission to post to your chosen Slack channel by using your token to “join” the channel. In the Slack UI (either the web UI or in the Slack app), you can right-click on the channel and choose “View channel details”. At the bottom of the sheet that opens you should see an alphanumeric string labeled “Channel ID”, with a “copy to clipboard” icon following the value.

Find Slack Channel ID

Navigate to the online conversations.join Test API and enter the OAuth bot token and the Channel ID in the input boxes, and click “Test method”. You should get a success API response, and you (and Horreum) can now use your OAuth token to post bot messages to the designated Slack channel ID.

Join the Conversation

Configuring a Horreum Slack Action

Using either the API or the UI, you can create a Slack Action globally or for a specific Test. You will supply both the Slack channel ID and the Slack App bot token you created earlier, along with specifying the particular event and formatted template you want to post.